Great American Car Wash Fresno




Cleaner! Shinier! Faster!


With Automatic Renewal*. 

In 5 minutes ® or it’s FREE

Unlimited Wash Pass – $16.99

Car Wash  We are the only car wash in Fresno to
Free Vacuum  offer free vacuums and towel
Bug Removal  dry with express wash service
Hand Towel Dry Body and Windows
Compare to $6


In 5 minutes ® or it’s FREE

Unlimited wash Pass $17.99

Speed Wash plus

Triple Wax Clear Coat Protection
Sealer Wax
2 X Wheel Bright
Air Blow Side View Mirrors
Compare to $10

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.40.27 AM

$11.99 Liberty Wash

in 5 minutes ® or it’s Free 

Unlimited Wash Pass – $19.99

 Patriot Wash Plus
 Tire Dressing
 Wheel Bright
 Wipe Down Wheels
 Air Blow S.V. Mirrors
 Clean Front Door Jambs
 Compare to $13


In about 20 minutes

vip-monthly-pass With Automatic Renewal*.

Unlimited Wash Pass – $32.99

Car Wash Plus
 Interior Vacuum
 Bug Removal
 Wheel Bright
 Air Blow S.V. Mirrors
 Interior Glass, Dusting and Wipe Down
Compare to $16.00

Unlimited Wash Pass – $36.99

For less than the price of 2 President Washes join the unlimited wash plan.

 Full Service Wash Plus
Sealer Wax
Rainbow Wax
Air Freshener
Wheel Bright
Compare to $38.00

About 20 minutes

Better Service! Better Value

Unlimited Wash Pass – $39.99


For extra $14 join the unlimited wash plan.

President Wash Plus
Tire Shine
2x Wheel Bright
White Walls
Compare to $43.00

About 20 minutes

Add $10 for Super Clean

Add $10 for Fast Hand Wax

*Restrictions applies, Prices are subject to change without notice

Great American Car Wash Fresno And Auto Detail Center

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3854 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93726    559-222-1818