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Auto Detail

Orbital Wax

Protect your car finish Waxing your car once a month protects itfrom the elements, prevents any damage to theclear coat and protects your investment Freedom Wash Wash Tires Dressing Carnauba Wax Rain-X About 29 minutes

  • Service

  • Freedom Wash Wash
  • Headlights UV Protection
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Complimentary Freedom Wash in 7 Days
  • About 29 minutes
  • Price: $75

Clay & Orbital Wax

Clay removes the damaging contamination restores the smooth feel & wax restores the high gloss finish and protects the paint.

  • Service

  • Full Service Wash
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Clay to remove light surface
  • contamination
  • High Gloss Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Price: $226

Clay Buff and Wax

 Did your car finish lose it’s shine?

Our 3 steps Clay buff & wax removescontamination, light scratches, & restores the showroom finish of your vehicle

  • Service

  • Full Service Wash
  • Wheels and Wheel Wells Clean
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Light Water Spot Removal
  • Clay to remove light surface
  • contamination
  • Exterior Buff and Polish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Price: $336

Complete Interior Steam Clean

Did you know, a typical car can be 9 times Germier than a typical toilet seat? Our Vapor Steam System, deep cleans stubborn stains, kills germs & viruses, sanitizes & dries in minutes.   Our Steam Cleaning process kills bacteria, germs and disinfects interior Upholstery Steam Cleaned Carpet Steam Cleaned Mats high pressure washed for deep cleaning Doors, dash and vents steam cleaned Console and glove compartment steam cleaned (if emptied)  

Detail With Acrylic Teflon - Up to 3 Years Warranty

 Acrylic-Teflon®, When applied to the vehicle becomes part of the finish, creating an impenetrable shield that seals and shines brilliantly. 
Acrylic Teflon achieves an extraordinary glossy finish that beautifies vehicle finish beyond compare. It helps protect from acids found in acid rain, tree sap, bird waste and insects, Acrylic Teflon forms an overcoat protection that seals out the sun UV rays, resists scuff marks, light scratches, industrial fallout, salt and guard against fading up to five years under normal conditions.

  • Service

  • Fabric Protection.
  • Leather Protection
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Silicone Dressing
  • Door Jambs and Seat Belts cleaned
  • Price $285

Other Services

Paint-less Dent Removal: Free Estimates dent-removal Keep your original paint, save money and time!  WE can remove sent within minutes.
Headlight Restoration: headlight-restoration Cloudy headlights could jeopardize your safety and the safety of everyone on the road. Our five steps headlight restoration and sealant protection takes minutes. Price: $39.99
Carpet and Mats Steam Cleaning: carpet-cleaning Carpets, Mats and seats may be steam cleaned to remove all stubborn stains while you wait. Price: $75
  Windshield Replacement Water Spot Removal Engine Steam Clean Best Auto Detail Services in Fresno. *Ask for details   Best full service and auto detail car wash in Fresno on Blackstone

Fabric Protection. $49.99  
Leather Protection$49.99  
Odor Eliminator    $49.99  
Silicone Dressing  $35  
Door Jambs and Seat Belts cleaned $35

Invisible Shield


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