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Auto Detailing

Orbital Wax

Your car is bombarded with the UV rays all day long. Waxing your car finish once a month during summer time, and once every two months during winter will protect the clear coat and keep your car shining.

Carnauba Wax Protection
Headlights UV Protection
Freedom Wash
Free Freedom re-wash in 7 Days
Teflon Sealant available for extra Charge
Value $100 special offer $75


Clay & Wax

Restores the shine & smooth feel of the car finish. We apply Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax to protect the car’s finish. Enjoy the pride of ownership and feel like driving a new car again.

Freedom Car Wash
Clay to Remove Light Contamination
Pure Brazilian Wax Protection
Headlights UV Protection
Exterior Dressing
Free Freedom re-wash in 30 Days
Teflon Sealant 3 years warranty  extra Charge
Value $281 Special offer $226.97


Clay Polish & Wax

Our exclusive 7 steps Clay Polish & Wax removes contamination, light scratches and restores the show room look of your vehicle. You’ll feel like driving a new vehicle. Feel Great! Drive Happy!

 Prep Wheels, Wheel Wells & Front Grill
 Freedom Wash
 Clay to Remove Light Contamination
 Polish to Remove Surface Scratches 
 Eliminate Old Swirl Marks
 Pure Brazilian Wax Protection
 Headlights Restoration Extra
Teflon Sealant available for extra Charge
 Acid Wash to Remove water Spots extra
Free Freedom re-wash in 30 Days
Value $436.97 Special Offer $336.97


Complete Interior Steam Cleaner

Did you know a typical car can have 9 times more germs than a typical public toilet seats?

Our exclusive Vapor Steam Clean System, deep cleans stubborn stains, kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs & viruses. The Vapor Steam Clean System disinfects interior upholstery, leather and plastic

Upholstery Steam Clean
Carpet Steam Clean
Mats Pressure Washed
Door Panels, Dash, Console Steam Cleaned
Silicone to restore the plastic color extra
Glove Compartment Cleaned (if empty)
Seat Belts, Headliner & Trunk extra
Fabric & Leather Protection extra
Ozone, Odor Eliminator extra
Value $350 Special Offer $285



Acrylic Teflon Sealant achieves an extraordinary glossy finish that beautifies beyond compare. It is the best protection against acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, insects and contamination. Acrylic Teflon forms an overcoat protection that seals out the sun UV rays, resists scuff marks, light scratches, industrial fallout, salt and guards against fading up to five years under normal conditions.

 Prep Wheels, Wheel Wells,  Front Grill & Door Jambs
Water Spot Removal
Clay & Polish
Headlight Restoration
Headlight UV Protection
Invisible Windshield Treatment
Pre Acrylic Teflon Cleaner
Acrylic Teflon Sealant
Complete Interior Steam Clean
Seat Belts, Headliner & Trunk Cleaned
Fabric & Leather Protection
Ozone, Odor Eliminator
Up to 3 months of Freedom Wash Pass
Price Varies Depending on Length of Warranty


Dent Removal
Dent removal

Save original paint, time & money.  Call for appointment, drop your car and pick it back in about one hour


Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration

Cloudy headlights could jeopardize your safety and the safety of everyone on the road. our five steps headlight restoration and sealant protection takes minutes. $39.99 each



Seats Steam Clean

$75 & up depends on size & condition


Carpet Steam Clean

Carpet Steam Clean

$75 & up depends on size & condition


Invisible Windshield 

Invisible windshield treatment makes it easier to see during rainy season

At Great American Car Wash, We offer the highest quality and the best detail services in town. We offer express and full extensive detail services. Our exclusive seven step exterior detail process removes the oxidation, surface scratches and restores the show room look of your vehicle including carbon fiber. We remove water spots from clear coat, rims and windows.   Steam Clean engine compartment and seal it to make it look new.  Interior Vapor Steam eliminates stains, kills bacteria and allergens, the seats will dry in about one hour. The price depends on Size, Condition, color and the detail package you chose. Just pass by the car wash at your earliest convenience for a free sample and quote or visit our website . If you decide to detail your car we can start on it immediately. We are open 7 days a week at 8:30 am weather permitting. No appointment needed.


All detail prices may vary depending on size and condition of vehicles 

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